Tumbled and Smoothed


Another wave photo from the same beach, different time. As I searched the sunny agates for rocks, I started to think about how these waves and stones are like life. Each of us is tumbled around in the waters of living until the rough edges are smoothed and soft. I also noticed how much better the stones looked when wet. Now, not all of us look very good when we are all wet, but I liked the idea of shining brighter when we are immersed in life and letting light pour on us.

One of the rocks I brought home fits in my hand so I can rub my thumb on the edge. It is striped and reminds me of a zebra. I didn’t take a picture of it because I didn’t think it was important. However, this palm sized piece is a perfect blessing for today. Polished smooth by the waves of the inlet, it has come to rest inside my hand. And the snug fit of this thinking stone is much better for me than chocolate!!


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