I love rain. I went to college in Portland, Oregon and lived on the Oregon Coast (Tillamook County) for 17 years. Rain is my friend. The scent of rain is one of the loveliest to tickle my nose. Petrichor: “a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.” (first definition that came up when I googled it) It is about the only time I really like a city, when you smell the rain hit the hot pavement after a warm day. Here, in Alaska, we have had warm days, but there is still an aroma in the air of petrichor whenever the rain falls. Right now, I am very thankful for rain. The state has had the worst fire season to date (and it is only the start of July). I am also thankful for it because it means we don’t have to water and it is beautiful. The photo above was taken from my mum’s window in June. What a blessing water and rain are!!!!


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