Bears and Prayers


It has been a long week with mum in the hospital. I’ve been going to her church this summer-different denominations are great fun to visit. Anyway, the pastor gave me a prayer shawl today. It is white and sparkly and I love it. It looks perfect for holding tears and the bear will help. The bear was given to me by a forever friend over a year ago and Snugglebear (not related to the fabric softener) has also been a perfect listener and tear absorber. I think the two will go well together. This shawl is a blessing I’ve never had before. I’ve never really thought I needed or even wanted one. I believe in prayer and just do it. A shawl seemed superfluous. However, I particularly like how this white crocheted piece is shot thru with silver like snow on a sunny day. It gives me comfort to just look at it. Which is one of the main functions of one of these shawls.

(**by the by, I think I made the word ‘absorber’ up. Not really a surprise, but I wanted to make sure people were aware I wasn’t being a complete dingbat!)


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