Today I got to do something I have not been able to for a year. Well, really, two things. The first was seeing one of my forever friends. When I last saw this person, I wasn’t sure we’d ever get to speak again. By the grace of God, however, we did speak and even hug. I think we both almost cried! Then, I got to walk on one of the beaches of Cook Inlet. It was breezy cold and almost all my photos are wonky due to having a dog  on a leash in one hand and my camera in the other. The tide had gone way out and was coming back in. Tides are strong, steady, and predictable in an unpredictable sort of way.  They cause change and create new patterns in the seabed with their waves. Waves which can be smooth and gentle or rough and tumbling as they tangle seaweed, nets, and ocean debris onto the shore. Tides make harbors where one can be safe and change the layout of the land. When I was a kid, tides were very important. They told us when the best time to clam or fish was. They are governed by a stronger power. They often remind me of my friend and I was very thankful I was able to walk and reflect on those two different and yet similar blessings I have today.


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