Hospital Beds


I used this photo in a different kind of post on my other blog. However, it fits for today’s blessings as well. I am so thankful for hospitals, their beds, their staff, and that they exist. It has been a long Sunday and Monday. I have heard machines beep, retching humans (am thinking it was an adult male.), seen littles with injuries, and helicopters fly out with patients. 30 plus years ago, this didn’t happen. In our area, we had to go directly to the ‘big city’ or hope the drs in our areas knew what they were doing. I remember coming home from college in Portland, OR. I was a new Type 1 Diabetic person and confused to heck. My Portland dr was an endocrinologist and taught me how to do blood tests. I came home that winter to meet with my ‘normal’ dr and I showed him my blood sugar results. He pushed them away and called them ‘new fangled devices’ and asked how my urine sugars were doing. Today? There is a mobile x-ray cart that resembles a giraffe, there are CAT scans, and numerous computers to log in results of every type of test imaginable. It is pretty incredible. And a giant blessing.


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